Why Celebrities Wear Shades!

Ever wonder why so many celebrities are always seen wearing their sunglasses even when it’s not necessarily sunny?

Is it because they don’t want the paparazzi to see the bags under their eyes?  Or, do they actually think a giant pair of designer sunglasses will keep them from being recognized?

Is it because their eyes are more sensitive to the sun than the rest of the population?  Or, maybe they are just really worried about dangerous UV rays and don’t want to risk it, even on cloudy days?

Well, I recently read a story that explained why a famous country singer, Eric Church, always wears his sunglasses when he performs (even at night and indoors).  Sure, now wearing sunglasses is part of his look.  But, there is a much more practical reason why he, and maybe countless other celebrities, are wearing their sunglasses even when there’s no sun in sight.

The Reason? To Protect Their Contacts!

In the article I read, Eric Church explained that he was having difficulty with his contact lenses when he performed on stage.  All of the bright lights shining right on him, combined with often having to look right into those lights, was wreaking havoc on his contact lenses.  He said they would get dried out and sometimes get so dry that they would pop out in the middle of a performance.

Church said that someone recommended he wear sunglasses to protect his eyes (and his contact lenses).  And, he said it worked phenomenally.  So, well, that he hasn’t stopped wearing them for performances.

Though few have jobs that require performing in front of spotlights, we can take a cue from Church’s example and, as contact lens wearers, always be sure to have our sunglasses on hand. 

Importance of Sunglasses & UV Protection for Your Eyes

Driving at certain times of the day when the sun is beating directly into your windshield, walking on a bright sunny day, or sitting at an outside venue staring at a performer while the sun is shining from behind the stage, are all easy opportunities for your contact lenses to get fried and dried out too.  Some great eye drops and a great sunglasses frame with ophthalmic quality UVA and UVB protection in them are must haves!

The next time you see a celebrity wearing sunglasses in what may seem to be an odd location, remember they may not be acting pretentious or trying to keep a low profile, they may just be protecting their contact lenses!

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